When conversing with a bank representative they informed me that a certain major retail store has had several?

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complaints against it for using the "cash back" option when customers check out and the cashier pockets the money and the customer did not use the cash back option. My question is and I forgot to ask the representative is "how can a customer prove they did not receive the money when it is on their...

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Well, first of all, that's actually defamation - the bank rep should never have disclosed that information. Obviously, a complaint is not something that's proven - it's simply a complaint, and if that retail store finds out that a bank representative is stating this to their customers, the store can sue the bank for defamation. Obviously, you should never shop at a store (or, at least, not use a debit card) that is suspected of this, but it wasn't the bank rep's position to tell you this.

If you suspect that a cashier has done this to you, regardless of the location, then call the store and complain. This lets the store manager know that they "might" have a problem - they can look your transaction up, find out which cashier you had, which register they were at, and pull tapes for that time of day. Even without the tapes from your actual transaction, they can still monitor that cashier for any additional issues, and put a stop to it. Please remember, I doubt it's ANY store's policy to steal money from the customers - but every company can have an untrustworthy employee.

If the store is not able to issue a refund for the disputed cash amount, then you can go to your credit card company (or bank) and put a dispute in. If you have your receipt that will help, but they'll still be able to put the dispute in. Your bank would handle it from there.


I don't think you can unless they have video survelance, the best thing to do is make a scene and demand to see a manager and continue makeing a scene, it's better of for them to resolve your dipute than potentialy loose costomers because your making a scene.

It's great fun once you get over the initial embarassment and you can get heaps of free stuff. not saying take it to the extreme like i do just upset the apple cart a bit and have them running around like headless chickens.