Hi do I need a degree if I want to work in the bank?

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Hi I'm 27 years old & I have been working both as a server & host. Today I went to the bank to open a credit card & my banker was a 20 year old boy with a suit & a tie while I was wearing shorts,t-shirt, & converse shoes. I know he is 20 years because I ask him. I ask myself that if that boy could work in the...

Banks in Converse, IN

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Dawn Of Apostasy

remember, the guy you see at the bank is a junior or entry level worker - he isn't the mechanic, just the oily rag, and he probably only makes $9 an hour, and was hired straight off the street with no education. my ex worked in a credit union... after 2 years, she only made like $10.50.

you're be studying finance, business, economics, and accounting primarily.


You need a degree or have about 3-4 years cash handling experience. Best way is to call their HR department and ask about the positions and requirements.


You need a high degree of patience. **** banks are a headache to work at and plus the pay isnt outstanding like you would think. If i were you i would try and i mean try and go to college to get a degree. Start your own business. Create a new life. ****. thats what im doing and its feeling good even though its givin me grey hairs.


you need much better English to work in a bank.

a AA degree in biz would help

a BA degree in finance would cinch it for u