Banks in Buffalo, NY

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Why did they send you a check? If you do not know ask them. If they ask you to send some of the money back then it is a scam. Also try talking to your own bank they see a lot of check scams. This kind of sounds like an over payment scam. Somebody is trying to buy something from you or if you applied for a job online they send you a check and then say they sent you to much and ask you the send the extra back. People will send the money then a few days later the check they sent you will bounce.


Why would they say it is yours? Is that not automatically assumed? In other words, those words give me pause (make me wonder what is going on, which leads me to think it is a scam ...)

Ashley M

Were you SUPPOSED to be getting a check from them?

If you were not expecting a check from them, then no, it is probably a scam.

If you were expecting a check from them, it would still be wise to contact them and verify it.