Banks in Buffalo, NY

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First off, ask yourself these little questions.

1) Where you expecting a check for the amount you recieved?
2) Is there an explanation as to why you are recieving the check?
3) Do you regularly do business with these banks?
4) Is there any fine print on the back of the check or a letter stating if you cash this check you are obligated to X,Y, & Z?

Think about those questions and if you can find logical answers to these then you'll know if you should cash the check. Just remember that alot of times credit card companies will send you a "check" for a certain amount and when you cash it, that automatically makes you thier customer. You now have an obligation to that company and often times your end of the deal isn't as sweet as thiers.


take it to your bank and tell them that you want it sent for collection. you won't have access to it until it clears through their financial institution but you are protecting yourself because you won't be able to spend the money until its actually there. if it is fake your bank will contact you and question where/who you received it from and all that and submit a report to the government who will alert banks of similar scams.


Take them to your bank and tell them how you got them and that you suspect a scam. They will do the rest and they will let you know.


Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?


why would they send you money