How are private banks a danger to liberty?

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Can someone explain?

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Answer (2):


Private banks are not dangerous for liberty.
What IS dangerous is politicians being aligned with or paid by or shareholders or guarantors for the banking sector.
Why? Because they will do all they can to protect the banking sector, using taxpayers' money; even when bankers are proved to be liars, cheats and thieves.
That is the danger to liberty.

A private bank should be just that. If it hits trouble through illegal activity or bad management, then the bank should be allowed to go the way of any other private business.
Then depositors and other customers can see the banks for what they are: some good and honest, and other bad and crooked.
Ask yourself; why is it that no crooked and cheating bankers have been prosecuted and sent to jail?
Answer; because they are best-friends with top politicians.
At this time, the facts of bank-management dishonesty have been hidden from the people by politicians - using taxpayers' money.

Real Hero

Andrew Jackson understood it well, and he was pleased that he took down the banking system, even though it was only temporary.

^ One video on Youtube, although I've seen more videos on the subject